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World Series Of Sailing Coming Up

The World Series of Sailing is poised to be announced by Oracle owner. Being the billionaire who owns Oracle, Larry Ellison usually makes the announcement for World Series of Sailing that is held for foiling catamarans.

Larry Ellison, who is owner of Oracle, would soon announce his plans for this event which is known as AC50 World Series. Rob Mundle has made mention about the event on his website. Being a yachting commentator, he usually writes about different yachting events. He has written a biography that illustrates the sailing career of Jimmy Spithill.

The tournament is not only about a thrilling competition, but would also hold the attraction of a trophy that would be sponsored by Louis Vuitton. This French fashion brand of elite proportions was also a sponsor of the America’s Cup, the 35th version that was held recently in Bermuda.

Louis Vuitton and its long term association with America’s Cup is known as being with the Oracle Team USA. The series that is proposed by the billionaire would have contestants from around the world. Teams from countries like France, Sweden, Japan, and USA have already confirmed their participation. Mundle stated that there would be an announcement soon and one of the rounds of the World Series is likely to be held in Bermuda. This would make it convenient for many racing syndicates to participate who already have a presence there. The boats that would be part of the series would be hydrofoil catamarans which are 50 feet in length and are said to have the capability of sailing at high speed. For such reasons, there is much excitement been built up about the event and there would be coverage on social media as well as on international television. The teams would comprise of professional sailors and they need not all be part of the country that the boats would represent.