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Red Bull’s Adventures At Sea

In its new marketing gimmick red bull is trying to test ability of 46-foot F4 foiling catamaran yacht.

The energy drink company has chosen Jimmy Spithill, Emily Nagel and the other six members of the crew to do an adventure at sea. The crew will cover a distance of 660 nautical miles; the distance will be covered between New York City to Bermuda.

Emily Nagel, who will be part of this adventure, shared his thought about the event.

‘Sailing is integral part of my life. I started sailing at the age of 10 years. Bermuda is my place and I have grown up here as a sailor. I was really amazed when I heard America’s Cup 35th Challenger Match is going to help in my little island. My excitement gets doubles when the Red Bull team approached me for a foil offshore mission. I have sailed in one of the Red Bull’s event Youth America’s Cup Red Bull and know what a fun it is. I immediately said yes to them.

Then I came to know that I will be alongside of sailor Jimmy Spithill, and then nothing could resist me in joining the Red Bull’s event. Spithill is my role model it would be a great experience to sail with him for 660 nautical miles with foil catamaran

Till date, no sailor has foiled offshore race for the distance of 660 miles. This is going to be for the first time and I believe this is the reason that Red Bull has chosen to do it. Some boats of America’s Cup have foiled in similar race, but it was not the same type. This is going to be really adventurous and because of the amount of adventure involve in this event, I am really excited to be part of this event.