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Exciting Day 2 At Porthpean Sailing Club

The forecast of 35 knots on day 2 of the Gul B14 UK National Championship held at the Porthpean Sailing Club promised a lot of action on the waters. The fleets got into the water with a little bit of hesitation, but the downwind rides were really fantastic at 15 to 25 knots.


The 2 races of the day saw close finishes for the first and second positions. It was Tobytastic Lewis/Nick Craig that won both the races, but faced stiff challenges from two different opponents. Alan Davis/Richie Bell gave them a tough fight during Race 1 and Mark watts/Chris Bishop gave the eventual winners a huge scare during race 2. It was the wing failure that occurred at the wrong time that put Mark and Chris out of the race and gave Craig and Lewis an easy path to victory.

Barnes and Jones were pushed to the 5th position after they faced a huge gust that made them round on the leeward mark. Before this incident, they were cruising in the 2nd position and also closing the gap on winners Craig and Lewis.

Nick Craig the skipper and his crew Tobytastic Lewis of Frensham Pond were at their best on a windy day and guided their boat to victory in trying circumstances. After day 2 of the B14 UK Nationals, Nick Craig and his crew are on 7 points, followed by Barnes and Jones on 11 points and Davis and Bell with 15 points.

There is still a lot to sail for on day 3 at the Porthpean Sailing Cub. If everything goes well and the winds are suitable for sailing, there is no doubt that the race can get even tougher and you could see the table topple as far the 1st to the 3rd positions are concerned.