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The Denmark Team for SailGP Championship Revealed


It has been revealed by Nicolai Sehested, the helmsman that the SailGP team from Denmark will be joining the second season of the famous race. He is determined that the team which consists of six sailors followed a training session for two weeks and then a selection camp in the Northland region in New Zealand. The team got the chance to taste the fastest sailboat race of the world for the first time on the Bream Bay.

The team from Denmark consists of Sehested himself who hails from Copenhagen. The 30-year-old helmsman will be accompanied by Tom Johnson, 28-year-old from Western Australia’s Mandurah. He is a wing trimmer, Martin Kirketerp, a 37-year-old grinder from Aarhus, Rasmus Køstner, 41-year-old flight controller from Middelfart, Lars-Peter Rosendahl and Hans-Christian Rosendahl, both 23-year-olds, grinder and from Copenhagen.
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Alinghi Team Win Extreme Sailing 2018

The season finale of the Extreme Sailing Series 2018 that took place at Los Cabos saw the Swiss Alinghi team reach the zenith. The event win has also made them champions of 2018 season. The team had started the event in the third position; they moved up to second position and closed in strong to win three of four races and claim final position overall.

This is the fourth time in the history of this series spanning eight years that the Swiss team took on the coveted title of a championship in the finale that was held at Los Cabos in Mexico. The feat has made them a team that has been most successful in the foiling circuit at a global level and they are worthy contenders of the previous champions who were The Wave from Muscat.
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Women Sailors At Sailing World Championships

If you thought that the women sailors who had been part of the nine month long Volvo Ocean Race would have taken a break for the rest of the year, you are wrong. Sailors like Martine Soffiatti Grael of Brazil and Jena Mai Hansen of Denmark as well as Tamara Echegoven from Spain are already part of the water race again, this time of the Hempel Sailing World Championships in Aarhus, Denmark.

The women sailors are part of the 49erFX fleet that had their first competition on Saturday, 4th August 2018. This was in the Hempel stadium course; the three sailors were in crews of two on Olympic class skiffs that are 15 feet in length. The offshore westerlies made it testing to be on the waters, but the fans made it worthwhile from the promenade as they cheered the home favorites, Katja Salskov-Iverson and Hansen. They returned after two of the three races were won by them and they made it top position on the leader board. Hansen stated that sailing close to the stadium brought out all the roars and cheering to their ears; it is incredible to sail for the home team and it’s a different feeling altogether.
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World Series Of Sailing Coming Up

The World Series of Sailing is poised to be announced by Oracle owner. Being the billionaire who owns Oracle, Larry Ellison usually makes the announcement for World Series of Sailing that is held for foiling catamarans.

Larry Ellison, who is owner of Oracle, would soon announce his plans for this event which is known as AC50 World Series. Rob Mundle has made mention about the event on his website. Being a yachting commentator, he usually writes about different yachting events. He has written a biography that illustrates the sailing career of Jimmy Spithill.

The tournament is not only about a thrilling competition, but would also hold the attraction of a trophy that would be sponsored by Louis Vuitton. This French fashion brand of elite proportions was also a sponsor of the America’s Cup, the 35th version that was held recently in Bermuda. Continue reading “World Series Of Sailing Coming Up”

Breezy Third Day At The Finn World Masters

The conditions at the 2017 Finn World Masters Championship on the second day of the event was very breezy and tough.

The sailors had to wade off the strong breeze and also fight against sailing competitors during the day. The six-time champion of this event Michael Maier from the Czech Republic was at his sailing best despite the breezy conditions. He finished the day at the top of the table and by doing so he took over the lead from Spain’s Rafa Trujillo.

Rafa was pushed to the second position after day 2of the Finn Masters in Carlisle Bay in Barbados and Piet Eckert from Switzerland now moved to the third position. Michel is having a good championship at the Finn Masters so far. The strong wind is making it really tough for him and for the third consecutive day, the race started with 20 to 24knots wind speed. Continue reading “Breezy Third Day At The Finn World Masters”

Melbourne Stopover For Volvo Race

Melbourne is set to be a highlighted stopover for the Volvo Ocean Race that will be held this year. The race course has been revised to include Melbourne as a stopover before the fourth leg of the race commences.

It would add some extra thousand nautical miles to the race, but it would certainly be a welcome break for the sailors as they cover the major oceans of the world. The Victorian region is excited to have this opportunity and the tourism department in particular is stepping up arrangements when tourist destinations and facilities will be in high demand here during the stopover period.

They have linked up with Split Yacht Charter to offer a specialist service to would-be charterers, offering fans a Virtual Reality tour of the Croatian Coastline. Continue reading “Melbourne Stopover For Volvo Race”

Corinthian Spirit Class Introduced

Sailing is often all about the vessel that one owns or can afford.

That is especially true when it comes to regattas hosted for super yachts. However, this concept is being changed so that it does not remain limited to a small population of yacht owners who often have no racing background and need to hire professionals to steer their boats. As in other sailing competitions, there needs to be a focus on skills and experience and to find ways to overcome challenges that is unique to each regatta type and event. With super yachts as vessels to sail, there are certain challenges that are unique which form the main thrill and a selling point for such competition.

This kind of an attitude is being promoted by introducing the Corinthian Spirit Class of competitive sailing. This is an initiative that was taken up by the Super yacht association and this year would be the first time when this class will be executed in several super yacht regatta events. Continue reading “Corinthian Spirit Class Introduced”

Hardest Sailing Race Is On

The Vendee Globe is definitely a race that people endure in order to tell tales that can seem more fantastic than movies or books even. For instance, the fifty six year old sailor who has recently raised the white flag as his boat was damaged by a submerged object.

He is known to be a Rambo in the sailing community. Not only has he achieved much in the Vendee Globe races which are struggling for endurance, he even has stories to tell that might be difficult to believe. For instance, he suffered a cut in his tongue and had to sew it back on while he sailed alone and unassisted in the early nineties. That is how Vendee Globe races can be as they are solo expeditions for sailors who need to complete a certain number of nautical miles across the world. Continue reading “Hardest Sailing Race Is On”

Red Bull’s Adventures At Sea

In its new marketing gimmick red bull is trying to test ability of 46-foot F4 foiling catamaran yacht.

The energy drink company has chosen Jimmy Spithill, Emily Nagel and the other six members of the crew to do an adventure at sea. The crew will cover a distance of 660 nautical miles; the distance will be covered between New York City to Bermuda.

Emily Nagel, who will be part of this adventure, shared his thought about the event.

‘Sailing is integral part of my life. I started sailing at the age of 10 years. Bermuda is my place and I have grown up here as a sailor. I was really amazed when I heard America’s Cup 35th Challenger Match is going to help in my little island. My excitement gets doubles when the Red Bull team approached me for a foil offshore mission. I have sailed in one of the Red Bull’s event Youth America’s Cup Red Bull and know what a fun it is. I immediately said yes to them. Continue reading “Red Bull’s Adventures At Sea”

Exciting Day 2 At Porthpean Sailing Club

The forecast of 35 knots on day 2 of the Gul B14 UK National Championship held at the Porthpean Sailing Club promised a lot of action on the waters. The fleets got into the water with a little bit of hesitation, but the downwind rides were really fantastic at 15 to 25 knots.


The 2 races of the day saw close finishes for the first and second positions. It was Tobytastic Lewis/Nick Craig that won both the races, but faced stiff challenges from two different opponents. Alan Davis/Richie Bell gave them a tough fight during Race 1 and Mark watts/Chris Bishop gave the eventual winners a huge scare during race 2. It was the wing failure that occurred at the wrong time that put Mark and Chris out of the race and gave Craig and Lewis an easy path to victory.

Barnes and Jones were pushed to the 5th position after they faced a huge gust that made them round on the leeward mark. Before this incident, they were cruising in the 2nd position and also closing the gap on winners Craig and Lewis.

Nick Craig the skipper and his crew Tobytastic Lewis of Frensham Pond were at their best on a windy day and guided their boat to victory in trying circumstances. After day 2 of the B14 UK Nationals, Nick Craig and his crew are on 7 points, followed by Barnes and Jones on 11 points and Davis and Bell with 15 points.

There is still a lot to sail for on day 3 at the Porthpean Sailing Cub. If everything goes well and the winds are suitable for sailing, there is no doubt that the race can get even tougher and you could see the table topple as far the 1st to the 3rd positions are concerned.